How to Survive In the Pro Realm of Apex Legends: A Beginner’s Guide

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Updated: 15-06-2021


A creation of Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legends is available on Windows, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and mobile platforms. The free battle royale game has taken the world by storm since its release in February 2019. It has garnered quick popularity and become a competitor to other popular games, such as Fortnite. In fact, it received a following of over 50 million players in its first month of release!

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With so many people trying to make a name in the world of Apex Legends, it becomes hard for beginners to climb the top of the ladder. Just being good at the game is not enough to become a member of a pro-league team. You will need to follow certain tips and tricks and absolutely be at the top of your game.

Learn what items give you an edge when starting out as well as how to stand out from opponents around the world from beginner level up through pro player territory. Let’s start the journey to become a pro player at Apex Legends.


1) Assemble a proper gaming setup.

Apex Legends is a modern game that requires high-performance modern gear. For smooth gameplay, precise action, quick response, and utilization of all features, you will need a top-of-the-line gaming setup.

Equip a gaming laptop or PC with the best monitor you can afford, quality speakers or a pair of gaming headsets, and peripheral devices like a keyboard and mouse that suit your individual needs as a gamer. Such a gaming setup will ensure that you can keep up with all of the action in this fast-paced game.

2) Hire a personal Apex Legends coach.

Some people learn better when they have someone to guide them. If you’re struggling in the game or just want a professional opinion on your playstyle, an Apex Legends coach is the perfect solution.

A coach will help you get to the next level with their personal and professional guidance. They can offer tips for getting better at Apex Legends, give valuable advice on improving your skills as a player, explain how to dominate in battle royale games like never before, and more.

Apex Legends coaches will help you brush up on your skills with one-on-one sessions. They can teach you tricks and strategies that you would have to figure out by practicing for hours.

3) Begin streaming online.

Streaming has become a huge part of the gaming world in recent years. It’s not just for people to show off their skills. Beginners should also do it to hone their gaming competency and build confidence. Broadcasting yourself live online will also help you to create your personality as an individual gamer.

Source: Forbes

Becoming a pro player is not only about achieving mastery but also trusting your own capability. By displaying your talents to others and competing against other players online, you can grow an audience and build on your self-esteem.

4) Get noticed.

Surviving in the pro realm becomes easier when you become a part of a pro team. But that’s not easy. So, all you should do is to get your name out there through your Twitch or YouTube streaming. If you are good, you will get some fan following and continuous traffic means other streamers will start to recognize you. Find out what people want to see and create a persona accordingly to entertain them. Since the game already has plenty of established streamers, you will need to do something unique to catch the attention of viewers.


Try to beat other pro players and convince popular streamers to host you. If you have a solid fanbase, there’s a high chance that a pro league team will contact you.

5) Communicate more with your team.

If you are a part of a team, utilize this opportunity to learn new tricks and gaming strategies. Keep in contact with your teammates. This will help you be better at planning strategies that work for everyone involved. Ask them questions to get insight into their experience with this game.

Figure out strategies that work for everyone on the team and have a plan of what you are going to do in every situation. Try your best to learn your teammates’ playing styles. It makes strategizing with one another easier because you are already familiar with their tendencies.

6) Practice as much as you can.

Practice makes a man perfect and this is even more applicable to the gaming world. Practice as much as you can. This will amplify your skills and help with mastering the game for all challenges like playing solo or in a team, learning new strategies, etc. Figure out what weapons work best for each player on your team because this could mean life or death when unexpected things happen during battle. Apex Legends gets updates and patches on a regular basis. So, the only way to be at the top of your game is to practice and keep learning.

Source: CNET

Also, try to get the tasks done in less time. Sometimes, when you’re feeling like it’s not going well or that the game is too difficult, try to go back and start from an earlier level. This will make things easier and you can get used to different weapons without getting frustrated with them.

If you’re looking for a way to escape the monotony of everyday life, Apex Legends is there for you. This game offers all the action and excitement that gamers crave. It’s free-to-play, so what are you waiting for? Try it yourself and enjoy the adrenaline rush that this game can offer.


To survive in the pro world, players need to be knowledgeable about the game’s mechanics, characters, and weapons. Doing this successfully will help them earn a higher rank on Apex Legends as well as becoming better at the game overall. If you are new to this game, give yourself some time before declaring that it just isn’t your cup of tea. Follow the tips and find what suits you the best. Keep trying even after being shot down by other people.


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