Download ASMR Slicing MOD APK and start slicing objects just because it’s a lot of fun. This game will give you a whole new level of peace of mind.

Asmr Slicing

Asmr Slicing

Author: Crazy Labs by TabTale

Category: Simulation

Source: Google Play

Verions: 1.3.1

Price: 0

Filesize: 61M

OS: 4.4

Updated: 22-05-2020

A Smoking Analysis of ASMR Slicing

Do you love watching satisfying videos? Are you unable to relax your mind? If yes, then you must download ASMR Slicing MOD APK for Android.

This game is designed to deliver gameplay, which will let you get rid of your anger, stress, and all the daily life burden, ultimately letting you feel the inner peace.

All the graphics are relatively simple and normal. But, this won't affect your gameplay. You will love the beautiful and lovely 3D designs of objects.

It can easily run on almost all devices. But its always good to double-check the compatibility of your phone with the application.

Unique Gameplay dedicated to achieving a peaceful mind

The main objective of this game is to make you relaxed. If you have watched satisfying videos on the internet, then you will get the exact idea of what this game is all about.

So here, you will be given an object made of kinetic sand. Your objective will be to cut it with a knife. The satisfying feeling of cutting the soft kinetic sand will give you the ultimate pleasure.

It has been technically proven that watching and doing stuff with soft materials give your mind a soft and calm feeling.

More stuff to spice up

On some levels, there will be some of the other collectibles. As you progress to slice the object, the hidden collectible will eventually come out.

Similarly, on successful completion of each level, some credits will be rewarded. Play the game to know where exactly you can spend them.

This is level-based gameplay, and as you proceed, new and exciting objects will be given to you to slice them up. Additionally, you will get other cutting objects, such as a chainsaw, etc.

Beautiful 3D graphics and simple visuals

You will be glad to know that the entire game is designed in 3D. although most of the part is simple, such as the background, table, etc.

The color tone is fair, bright, and cool. You can easily play this game for hours without any issues. You might face some issues while controlling your cutter. The controls are not much flexible and steady.

When it comes to the animations, they are all pretty smooth. You are definitely going to enjoy this game a lot.

MOD APK Features

Here are some important features of ASMR Slicing MOD APK free download, which you must know about.

Available for free to download and play

Contains a lot of advertisements

Encourages players to opt for in-game purchases

Rated for ages 3+ on Google Play Store

Low download size (under 100MB)


Looking for some fun-filled slicing satisfaction games? You can consider ASMR Slicing MOD APK latest version. Download now!

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