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Bead Sort!

Bead Sort!

Author: Supersonic Studios LTD

Category: Puzzle

Source: Google Play

Verions: 1.16

Price: 0

Filesize: 35M

OS: 4.3

Updated: 29-05-2020


If you are looking for a game to pass the time without being pressured for time, this is the app for you. Bead Sort is a leisurely game you can enjoy even if you are offline. It has a seemingly endless of levels for you to play on. Take a break from the gory and action-filled gameplay and find your zen in this app.

Bead Sort provides a very wholesome gaming experience that kids and adults can both enjoy and benefit from. It can be a good mental exercise for the youngsters who are in their primary learning years. Sorting out the colors of the beads to their respective places can help develop their analytical thinking skills. Likewise, adults can benefit from it as a perfect way to pass time.


Bead Sort is a unique puzzle game of matching beads to their respective colors. Each level has a container partitioned in varying numbers. Most come in circular plates while the others in square. Each partition has a color assigned to it: red, blue yellow, purple brown, green, and many more.

At the start of each game, beads that correspond to the colors of the partitions will be randomly dropped to the plate. Your main goal is to put the beads to their respective places according to their color. Click on the color you want to sort out on the color palette below the container. Then, place the cylinder over the beads. It will automatically suck in the beads like a vacuum cleaner.

Make sure to release the beads with care to their proper place. Otherwise, you will spill them. There is no time limit so you can take your time as you like. The shape of the beads also vary that makes it more exciting.

Tastefully Colorful Graphics

Bead Sort has a tasty looking interface with the colorful beads and containers. The splash of pastel colors is refreshing to the eyes. Interestingly, the beads come in different forms: marbles, cubes, capsule, etc. It is worthy to note that despite the simple gameplay, it comes in high-definition graphics.

Players of all ages are sure to enjoy this game with its simple controls. Gather the whole family for a fun bonding moment while staying safe indoors.

Bead Sort Mod APK Latest Version

Available for play on all Android devices, Bead Sort is the fun and addictive game you need in a time of unrest. Get immersed in a chill time of sorting beads to their respective locations. Enjoy an ad-free experience with the Mod version of the app.

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