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Best Fiends

Best Fiends

Author: Seriously Digital Entertainment Ltd.

Category: Casual

Source: Google Play

Verions: 8.0.1

Price: 0

Filesize: 121.22 MB


Updated: 01-04-2020

A thorough review on Best Fiends

If you have played Candy Crush Saga, get ready for a familiar gaming experience with a similar interface – Best Fiends. Initially, you will have a lot of fun playing the game, since the levels won’t be challenging. However, as soon as you proceed, you will notice the game giving you a more challenging time to clearing levels.

You will start by playing some easy levels, and soon you will realize that this game is not as easy as originally thought! You may even begin to pull out your hair due to how challenging some levels manage to be.

In the end, Best Fiends APK is still a game worth playing with some fun and ambitious stages tocomplete.

The gameplay of Best Fiends

Contrary to other matching games – where tapping similar colored objects CRUSHES them, this game requires drawing lines to blast matching objects. Additionally, each level has a specific goal to accomplish. For example, one level will ask you to acquire eight green leaves and eight tomatoes. Each level will have some objective to achieve.

You will see a few insects trapped on top of the matching board. Furthermore, they need to be freed by matching as many fruits as you can.

As you clear levels, the level of difficulty will gradually increase. Pesky fiends will show up on your game board and you’ll need to take them out! On some levels, along with collecting objects, you’ll also need to destroy a specific number of monsters displayed. Keep matching similar objects, which has to be three or more; get rid of any intruders! Each fiend will have a life meter displayed right on top of them.

The game definitely looks super-cute, fun, and easy to get into playing. You will receive coins as well, which you can use to unlock additional features.

The visuals

The visuals of the Best Fiends game are quite appealing and cute. The game is visually very appealing, and the characters, in particular, look super adorable. The colors are beautiful and bright and keep you hooked for endless hours.

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Features of Best Fiends MOD APK

  • Unlimited coins unlocked
  • Easy to play, fiendish puzzles
  • Amazing graphics
  • Level-up quickly


We enjoyed playing Best Fiends MOD APK Unlimited, and we highly recommend it to anyone looking for fun gaming experiences. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t waste any more time and download the Best Fiends MOD APK New Version as soon as you can!

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