Download Bikes Hill and start riding your bike in the air to enjoy thrilling hang-time and ride your bike the exciting way. This game is sure to make you thrilled like never before.

Bikes Hill

Bikes Hill

Author: VOODOO

Category: Racing

Source: Google Play

Verions: 2.1.2

Price: 0

Filesize: 68M

OS: 4.4

Updated: 03-03-2020

Pinpoint Analysis of Bikes Hill

Bikes Hill is a 3D graphics featured game, which is a bike riding game filled with a lot of thrill.

The game contains several hills, where the player rides its bike and a number of other objects, which add to the glory of the game.

The game makes use of amazing background music, which is very appealing.

The entire game makes use of 3D graphics, hence making it unsuitable for low hardware configuration mobile devices.

The game, as a result, is best suitable for medium to high configuration hardware devices.

The amazing designs and gameplay all together are made to deliver excellent gameplay experience to the bike riding lovers.

Thrilling Gameplay

The game features a human character, who is a bike rider. The player is supposed to ride its bike on the hilly coarse so that the bike flies in the air each time when it gets a hang-time.

The game features 3D clouds that the player touches while in the air.

The player flies its bike in the air when it drives speedily on the hilltop, causing it to go up and fly in the air.

The concept of making the bike fly by riding it at high speeds makes it one of the most thrilling games ever.

The game contains dozens of levels, where the player collects coins while riding the bike.

Extraordinary Graphics and music collection

The game makes use of 3D graphics to deliver extraordinary graphics to the users. The overall graphics experience is awesome.

Music and audio collection of the game are very appealing too. The audio such as bike engine, coins collection, bike collision with objects, etc all together make the game adorable.

The game’s high 3D graphics along with the amazing thrilling gameplay all together make it one of the must-play games in the thriller games section.

MOD APK Features

  • Support Android 10
  • Menu Mod
  • High advertisements implementation throughout the gameplay
  • In-app purchases offered during the game
  • Thriller bike game


Bikes Hill is an adventurous and thrilling bike riding game, which is best suitable for bike ride lovers. All the people who wanted to try bike stunts can always try to do so in this game instead of in real life. The game is packed with thrilling levels and a lot of coins to collect in each level.

The game uses extraordinary 3D graphics to deliver excellent gameplay experience to the users. The game also uses thrilling background music, which perfectly matches the game’s theme. This game is a perfect mate for all those who love to fly bikes in the air instead of riding it on the ground.

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