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Brain Out

Brain Out

Author: Focus apps

Category: Puzzle

Source: Google Play

Verions: 1.3.3

Price: 0

Filesize: 48M

OS: 4.2

Updated: 25-05-2020

A Crunchy Analysis of Brain Out – Can you pass it?

If you love puzzles and want to try out a cool and exciting puzzle-solving game, then you should consider Brain Out.

It does not feature any boring and classic gameplays. Instead, this application is full of fun and humorous tricks.

You’ll definitely love the funny 2D graphics implemented all over the game. However, most part of the screen is plain and normal, and that might fail to impress you.

Do not worry about the system requirements, as this game is pretty lightweight, hence, it can run on almost all devices, including most low-end phones too.

Puzzle + Riddle based gameplay

Puzzles are popular for being boring, so the developers have made a huge change in this game’s puzzles. Rather than being normal and boring, all the questions are tangy and twisty.

Instead of brainstorming, all you have to do is to think of a unique solution. The puzzles do not have any straightforward answers.

They are more like riddles, who have some twisted and funny solutions. Only the people with totally awesome creativity and thinking skills can get through it.

So, if you think you’re the smartest person in the room, show it off by proposing funny yet reliable solutions to the questions thrown by Brain Out.

More Stuff to spice up

Although there is nothing much to do in this game, but still here are some quick tips. Take a good look, so that you’ll be able to survive.

  • Always expect the unexpected. The answers are never straightforward. Instead of taking the high road, take the low road.
  • Each level is designed to trick the players, hence never fall prey to their tricks.
  • Think the other way, because solutions are never in front of your eyes.
  • The key to winning the puzzle is not hard work, but smart work.
  • Always think out of the box, because that’s the main objective of this game. Doing so will automatically improve your logical thinking ability.

Plain white and regular 2D graphics

All the stuff visible on-screen is simple 2D drawings, where most of the background is plain white.

If you’re a fan of extraordinary graphics, then this game might fail to impress you. But, be assured of non-stop fun and entertainment.

You’ll definitely love and enjoy the witty game effects, and funny sounds. This is important to reduce your stress and burden.

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