Download Criminal Case Mod APK and become a great detective as you help the police solve multiple crimes that happen across the town.

Criminal Case

Criminal Case

Author: Pretty Simple

Category: Adventure

Source: Google Play

Verions: 2.33

Price: 0

Filesize: 60.94 MB

OS: 4.1

Updated: 04-04-2020

Analysis of Criminal Case

The game introduces gamers to the town of Grimsborough, where countless criminal activities have lately happened, causing concerns among the citizens. The police force needs a capable detective who’s capable of solving severe cases. With this, the criminals will be brought to justice.

The game isn’t suitable for the fainthearted as you’ll be introduced to some of the most gruesome aspects of this particular job. Except, if you’re interested in being a detective and will take any risks to bring the criminals into the light. In such a case, this is the right game for you. The various reviews of this game will tell much about it.

Gameplay and Graphics

Your job is to investigate a series of different murdering cases without bias. It’s your job to go to the crime scenes and examine the suspect evidence. Collect the key shreds of evidence and let the analyzing team do their job.

They’ll then give you certain conclusions about the criminals depending on the given pieces of evidence. It’ll then be up to you to come up with the right decision and bring out the criminals. This will depend on the quality and number of evidence. Also, it depends on the conclusion of the analyzing team.

To start with, gamers are allowed to customize their detective and embark on their journey. That being said, you’re to choose your gender, facial traits, unique names, and so on. Feel free to create unique characters with Criminal Case.

Fans of the drama and investigation stories will find themselves enjoying their new adventures in Criminal Case. Here, you’ll have the chance to gain access to hundreds of different crime scenes in the game. Find yourself involved in all kinds of mysterious cases, which would take a lot of work to solve.

Throughout your journey in Criminal Case, you’ll have access to a series of stunning hand-drawn images that introduce you to certain crime scenes. Experience immersive and thrilling sound as the game takes you through different events.

Download Criminal Case Mod APK Latest Version

With this, there will be no limited energy, so you’re free to investigate the crimes as long as you want. On top of that, it also features unlimited hints, which would allow you to pick up easy evidence. But don’t overdo it since the game will become less enjoyable.

Mod features of the game:

  • Limitless energy
  • Creation of unique character


Criminal Case Mod APK is an interesting game that allows the players active as detectives. They support police with information obtained in crime scenes or analysis. Gamers are free to investigate without limitations. There are lots of alluring images in almost all the crime scenes that support your shred of evidence and make investigation easier. In this game, you will be involved in several mysterious cases and you are expected to get information from them to be used by police. Try Criminal Case Mod APK free download and have fun as you help police solve multiple crimes.

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