Download Dead by Daylight Mobile if you love horror games. This game is characterized by adrenaline-filled sessions, where one killer will hunt and exterminate four friends!

Dead by Daylight Mobile

Dead by Daylight Mobile

Author: Behaviour Interactive

Category: Action

Source: Google Play

Verions: 3.7.20

Price: 0

Filesize: 48M

OS: 7.0

Updated: 30-06-2020

An In-Depth Analysis of Dead by Daylight Mobile

This is an asymmetrical 4 vs.1 multiplayer game characterized by blood-curdling killing sessions. The fast-paced game challenges the player to chase and kill four opponents.

The horror game was developed by Behaviour Interactive and released for Microsoft Windows in June 2016. It was not until April 17, 2020, that the developer released the mobile version of the game. It is available for both Android and IOS operating systems.

The game takes a highly thrilling 1 vs. 4 multiplayer formats. One of the players takes the role of a ruthless killer while the other 4 will play as survivors. Even better, the game allows you to download more characters to enhance your gaming techniques.

You’ll get these downloadable characters from horror series, including Halloween, Silent Hill, Evil Dead, Left 4 Dead, Saw, and Chainsaw Massacre.

If you believe that you can withstand horror scenes, then this is the right game for you! Download it today and enjoy endless spine-chilling gaming challenges.

A Detailed Plot

This game begins when an Entity is aroused and summoned to conduct various actions of malice and violence. This supernatural being hails from the ancient blood web and it’s highly blood-thirsty.

To continue living, this Entity requires consistent sacrifices. To help it with this mission, it recruits serial killers who are equally bloodthirsty. These merciless killers will be required to hunt and kill all survivors to help the Entity with souls.

To ensure that the gameplay continues, the Entity will block all the gateways f death. Consequently, the dead will have the power to live again as survivors. This way, the killers can hunt them again!

A Super Exciting Gameplay

This game allows you to either play as a killer or a survivor. If you choose to play as a killer, you’ll be required to hunt four of other players and exterminate them.

On the contrary, playing as a survivor requires you to try all methods available to escape the killer. If you choose the wrong hiding techniques, you’ll be caught and sacrificed to the Entity!

The more levels you complete, the more treasures you’ll gain. This way, you’ll be able to unlock more sophisticated features that’ll make gaming fun.

Unique Features of Dead by Daylight Mobile

• Dynamic Multiplayer Feature

Dead by Daylight Mobile is an exceptional game that allows you to play with friends. It has a 1vs.4 game structure, where you’ll be required to either play as one of the four survivors or the main killer.

The multiplayer feature allows you to creatively make your friends scream and laugh. It has exceptional features that guarantee excitement for all the players.

• Asymmetrical Gameplay

Do you want to become the killer or the survivor? The choice is yours! This diversity ensures that you get a satisfying gaming experience, based on your needs.

• Unique Buildings for Every Map

All the maps except the Rotten Fields and Wreckers’ Yard have a similar building that acts as a landmark in the game. This building is known as the “Killer Shark”. It appears in a predetermined location except for several maps such as the Gideon Meat Plant, Hawkins National Laboratory, and Haddonfield.

The basement is characterized by unique hiding areas for the survivors. It has only one-way in, which makes it relatively secure for killers to hide their victims without the risk of being rescued by other survivors.

If you’re playing as a survivor, you should endeavour to venture into this underground hideout! This will earn you crucial points that’ll advance your gameplay significantly.


• Unique Upgrade Opportunities

This game offers an astounding progression experience. You’ll get randomly generated maps and other unique perks that’ll keep the gameplay exciting.
Additionally, you’ll get more customization options as you rise through the gaming levels. This way, you’ll never get your eyes off the screen when gaming!

• Customize Your Favourite Characters

This game comes with unique cosmetics that allows you to modify your characters. This offers an exceptional opportunity for you to personalize the gameplay. You’ll have numerous clothing items, accessories, and unique outfits.

Superior Graphics and Unique Sound Effects

This game boasts of exceptional 3D graphics. This allows you to get every detail of the game in crystal clarity. As such, chasing the survivors or finding ideal places to hide becomes a breeze!

Also, the game incorporates highly immersive sound effects that highlight every action with unmatched precision. This way, you can be sure that you’ll remain on your toes for as long your gaming session is in progress.

What You Need to Download Dead by Daylight Mobile

If you want to get the mobile version of this game, you must ensure that you have the ideal mobile device with the following features:

• Operation System: Android 7.0 and above or iOS 11

• At least 2GB RAM

• Video Card

• Processor: A Minimum of Samsung Galaxy S7 or iPhone 6S

Additionally, you require reliable internet connectivity to run the game without any technical hitch.

Where to Download Dead by Daylight Mobile

Once you ascertain that your mobile device meets the requirements, you should download the game from the following reliable sites:

• For Android:

• For iOS:

Downloading the game from these sites is free. However, it offers in-app purchases.


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