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Author: DVloper

Category: Arcade

Source: Google Play

Verions: 1.7.3

Price: 0

Filesize: 100M

OS: 4.1

Updated: 27-08-2020

About the Game

Granny is an indie horror game with addicting and exciting gameplay, as shown below. This game was developed by DVloper, and it was designed to be the successor of the Slendrina series. Dennis Vukanovic published the game after it was developed.


The game was first released for Android devices in November 2017. However, the iOS version was released in December 2017. Granny became available on the Steam platform in November 2018, but on a purchase, at $4.99.

The popularity of the game has drawn the attention of everyone from different parts of the world. This game is popular in different gaming communities. For example, YouTubers like Denis, DashieGames, John Wolfe, Vividplays Channel, LightningBlueDragon, Kindly Keyin, and True entertainer have played Granny.

Different versions have been released, each of which is an update of the previous. The current version that is available for android devices is the version 1.7.3. This game currently has over 100 million installations. Also, the minimum requirement for the software on android devices is Android 4.1.

For Apple devices, the minimum required is iOS 9.0, and it is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. The most recent version is also version 1.7.3 on Apple devices, and it has over 60 thousand ratings.

These high figures are not made up, but they show how amazing the game is. The game centers around stealth gameplay that requires completion of missions in a quiet mode. This is a horror and a survival video game that features a blind old woman with super sharp senses. You’ll be held captive by this woman, and you’re to escape the house in less than five days.

Everything you do in the game should be with a high level of discretion so that you don’t get caught. It is important to note that Granny can also be classified as an arcade game.

Engaging Gameplay

At the beginning of the game, you’ll find your self on a bed and in a strange environment. An environment you can’t recognize because it lacks familiar elements. You’ll then realize that you’ve been locked up in the old, dilapidated house for days. The Granny is the brain behind this act of evil.

It is important to note that Granny is a demon and a crazy old woman. She hunts down her prey with a baseball bat. In this game, players must explore the house to find tools and items. This will help them unlock the locks in Granny’s house. The Granny will always pursue you, and as such, you can hide in coffins, wardrobes, and beds.


There’re so many items in the different rooms of the Granny’s house, and you can use these for your advantage. Getting out of the house can be achieved through the front door. While trying to unlock this door, players will come across a garage with so many amazing features.

This garage is located below the house, and it holds so many tools and a disassembled car. It is important to note that players can choose to abandon their main mission and focus on the car. Players can repair and fuel this disassembled car. Doing this successfully will provide players with a faster escape route.

There are so many other secrets you’ll come across while playing the game. This Granny has so many evil secrets that show how evil she is. She hides most of these secrets behind closed doors. You’ll also notice a secondary antagonist while playing the game, and this is her pet, which is a spider. Although, the pet is in a cage at the top of Granny’s house.

Also, if you are an investigative player, you will find remnants that reveal a lot of evil. For example, remnants of a broken family, as well as remains of her last victim. You don’t want her next victim to find your remains in her house.
The Granny has another pet, which is also big. This pet is a crow and is hidden in a secret room, which is connected to the Cellar Swamp and the Meat Room.

Remember that you only have five days to escape from this horror, and you must do this quietly. It’ll be game over for you if you get caught by the Granny.

Handy Tips for Beginners

This game has very easy gameplay, with smooth controls. However, for beginners, a few tips will always come in handy. Here are some handy tips for beginners:

  • Every door you enter should be closed unless an authority instructs you to leave it open.
    Every item should be dropped in a safe location
  • Weapons should be kept safe, and easily accessible so you can knock off the Granny with ease.
  • Good hideouts when the Granny pursues you include the Garage, the Attic, the Basement, or the Secret Area.
  • Avoid Bedroom 2, Secret Area, Basement, or Living Room when the Granny is about to respawn.
  • At the beginning of the game, the first place to check is the Bathroom. This is because she leaves important items there before leaving the basement. It is important to identify and avoid the creaking floor in Granny’s house.
  • Ensure you explore the upper floor when the game begins. The Granny will go there during the game to drop items to the ground floor.

Where to Get the Game

Granny is an amazing survival horror game to play. You can have access to this amazing game through the following links:


This game is for you if you love horror and paranormal things. Download Granny now to show you the ability to remain stealth while you explore the Granny’s house. Remember that your mission is to escape without being caught by the Granny.


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