Download Granny MOD APK for a thrilling game of stealth. You are required to escape a room within five days without arousing the anger of the terrorizing Granny.



Author: DVloper

Category: Arcade

Source: Google Play

Verions: 1.7.3

Price: 0

Filesize: 100M

OS: 4.1

Updated: 22-04-2020

Overview of the Granny

The game rotates about a Granny who is the main character of the game. She is dangerous, and you will need to escape the room without her noticing you. Also, be careful to move silently as any noise you make will disturb the grandmother who will come right after you. You are given five days to get out of the room without having to deal with her.

Graphics and Music

Being a horror game, your exactions of having 3D graphics and some scaring sounds to accompany every action take. When locked in the room, the bright graphics help you in locating the door and other items you need to get out of the room safely.

Besides, as you advance in the game, you get to access the best better graphics and music. Killing the Granny before she takes notice of you becomes more thrilling.


The horror game offers the player an opportunity to find items that will help you escape the room within five days. You will find a short gun, planks of wood, crossbow, and other blunt objects to kill the Granny. The house has five floors, two attics, and garage.

Players are required to escape by clearing the obstacles or repairing the garage, which will require fuel to survive. Besides, players can play by hiding under the bed whenever the move recklessly just to hind from the grandmother. If the grandmother catches you, she will swing a baseball bat over the head, and end the day. However, if you are caught on day 4, you are run over the car, head chopped off, falling over the attic, and finally game over.

Top Features of the Granny MOD APK Download

Here are some of the best features you get on getting Granny MOD APK download.

  • Indivisibility
  • Granny MOD APK mod menu offers safety for the player as the Granny is not quickly aroused.
  • Play as Granny MOD APK is easy to install
  • free updates with Granny MOD APK menu
  • No rooting is required with Granny MOD APK outwitt menu

Winning Tips for Granny Mod APK Invisible Download

Players are expected to defend themselves from such calamities by shooting at the Granny and make her walk over the ice trap. Getting her trapped in the sauna for a day or two allows you to run. Besides, you get 30 seconds for shooting her when playing Granny MOD APK invisible free download nightmare mode.


Your first day with the dangerous Granny, you will need to hide to avoid being noticed. However, you will need to be careful when playing Granny MOD invisible download in the coming days.

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