Download Homescapes MOD 3.5.9 APK and participate in a highly engaging activity of decorating your house. This game will certainly enhance your interior design techniques.



Author: Playrix

Category: Action

Source: Google Play

Verions: 3.5.9

Price: 0

Filesize: 155M

OS: 4.2

Updated: 26-02-2020

What You Should Know About Homescapes

Homescapes is for you if you love interior designs and decoration. It’ll help you to get clues that you can apply in real life!

It challenges the player to transform their childhood house into a spectacular haven. You should make sure that you use the ideal colors to bring out the necessary warmth right from the door.

The game has 3-levels with décor difficulty increasing with each level. You must win enough points to unlock the next level and enjoy the game!

Dazzling Gameplay

This game gives you a virtual opportunity to make your dream house. In the beginning, you’ll have a dilapidated house and your duty will be to renovate it.

You’ll have to discard the old furniture, cookware, and other household items and replace them with stylish ones. However, this makeover will require resources!

You’ll require to solve puzzles to make extra money. When you get enough money, you should now go on a shopping spree.

Challenge yourself to buy the most precious items to achieve a remarkable house design. You must be keen not to neglect any section of the house.

Buy stuff for your kitchen, living room, corridor, verandah, orangery, toilet, and every other section of the house. This way, you’ll achieve a uniformly decorated house which will earn you more points.

Unique Graphics

This is a 3-D game that gives a perfect home simulation. The marvelous background keeps you warm throughout the game.

Download Homescapes MOD 3.5.9 APK

Challenge yourself even more by downloading the improved version of the game—Homescapes MOD 3.3.8 APK. The MOD has unlocks that will help you enjoy expensive décor material right from the start.

MOD Features

  •  Free to Play. You can buy as many items as you wish! This feature enables you to decorate your house with precious décor which you cannot achieve with the original version. As such, you’ll get more satisfaction using this version.
  •  Unique Boosters. You’ll enjoy winning points using the astounding boosters and explosives
  •  A Spectacular Mansion. This version provides you with the rare chance of owning and decorating an architecturally impressive house
  •  A Sociable Pet. What’s a house without a pet? Well, the MOD version factored in this crucial addition. This brings more warmth to the house
  •  Friendly Characters. Interact with friends in in-game social networking sessions


Homescapes MOD 3.5.9 APK is a game whose concept is applicable in real life. It helps you to increase your knowledge of interior design and décor.

What’s even better is the fact that you can use the MOD version for free! This will unlock more features to help you have more fun as you gather some décor lessons.

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