How to Install Modded Games/OBB Files: A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide

Did you know that modded games offer an enhanced user experience than their original version? Well, these games are modified to include unique features that will undoubtedly transform your gaming experience for the better!

While there are numerous benefits that you can get by using these MOD versions, only a few individuals understand how to install them.
This article provides a detailed and easy-to-follow MOD/OBB file installation guide. Read it to the end and get the skills that you need to tap the benefits of modded games.

What are Modded Games?

Before we delve into the installation of the MOD games, you must understand what exactly they are. Well, here is a straightforward definition of the term:
Modded is the past form of “Mod”. So what is to mod? The term mod is derived from “modifying”.
As such, a modded game is one that has been modified! The modification can include creating custom characters, objects, and levels that are ordinarily lacking in the original version.
Due to these improvements, you can be certain that the MOD version of any game is better than its original version. The modders always identify various weaknesses on a game and work on rectifying them thus creating a better user experience.

Should I Install a Modded Game? Is it Worth It?

Modded versions are unique. The modders achieve a simpler game without losing the gusto associated with it.

Here are some of the benefits that you’ll likely to get when using the MOD version of any game:

⦁ Improved Graphics. If you love gaming, you’ll opine that the graphics used determines how well the product is received in the market. The more ultra the graphics are, the easier it’ll be for you to enjoy the game. The MOD gaming version improves the graphics thus enhancing the overall quality of the photos
⦁ Ease of Control. A majority of gamers intend to relax and have fun. It makes absolutely no sense to start struggling with the controls of a game! To avoid the hassle, you can always use the MOD version and get better controls
⦁ Unlimited Resources. For most games, you’d require to earn as much money/coins/gold/diamond as you can to improve your gaming tools. This can hinder your operations! If you wish to have everything that you need at your disposal, you should consider installing the MOD gaming versions

These are just a few of the many benefits that you can accrue from using MOD versions. You should compare the two versions and make a decision based on your experience. However, you can be certain that the MOD version is almost always the best option.

What You Need When Installing Modded Games on Your Android Devices

To successfully install MOD version of any game, you’ll need the following:
⦁ An Android operating system of Android 4.0 or above
⦁ An APK file and OBB files of your target MOD game
⦁ Enough memory
⦁ An OBB files decompressing application (you can use File ES Explorer)
Once you confirm that your phone has all these feafile of the gametures, it’s now time to install. Below is a complete guide.

Simple Steps of Installing Modded Games

If you’ve been in the gaming industry for some time, you’ll opine that it’s not easy to install the MOD games, right?
Well, if you’ve found yourself in a fix, then this guide is for you. And yes, it’s not just about downloading and installing! There is more that you should do to achieve the best results.

Step # 1: Download the MOD Game

This is the most critical step in installing the modded game. You need to identify trustworthy sites and download the game (be sure to ascertain the authenticity of the game to avoid cyber-attacks) and obtain the APK file of the game.

Better still, you can visit your play store and download the verified versions of the MOD games. To successfully achieve this, ensure that your phone has enough space. This will guarantee optimum performance.


Step # 2: Installing the OBB File

Since you’re downloading your MOD game using an Android Operating System, the Play Store will automatically generate a file called the OBB. This file is meant to enhance safety and simplify the installation process.



Before we proceed, let’s understand what an OBB file is, right?

Well, an OBB File is also called the Cache Memory. It’s composed of files such as game scripts, audio, and graphics.
The OBB file is mandatory if you’re to successfully run the game on your android device. When you download the game, the Play Store will also send an OBB file containing all the DATA of the game.
As such, you must install this OBB file if you want to optimize the operations of your MOD game. However, handling an OBB file for a MOD game can be a challenge but you need not worry—this is why this article is crucial for you. It’ll give you every detail that you need to install it.
To install the OBB file on your android device, follow the following steps:
⦁ Using the Manager Pro or the ES File Explorer, access the OBB file. Tap it and select the “ES Zip View” option to access the file

⦁ Look for the directory. This file contains the OBB file of the MOD game. Select the folder and press the “EXTRACTS” icon (usually located on the bottom right side of your phone’s screen)
⦁ When the EXTRACTS folder opens, you can select the “Choose Path Option” and choose the / sdcard /

⦁ Browse back to the OBB file. Select it and choose “Unzip”
⦁ Wait for some time as the unzipping happens

Step # 3: Open the Game and Enjoy

After the unzipping process is complete, you’ll be free to open and play the game!


While modded games offer the best gaming experience, the installation process can be complicated. If you’ve been frustrated in the past, you shouldn’t worry anymore.
Just follow the detailed guidelines provided herein and you’ll do it effortlessly. However, you should ensure that your Android device has all the features listed in this article!