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Human Fall Flat

Human Fall Flat

Author: 505 Games Srl

Category: Fun

Source: Google Play

Verions: 1.0

Price: 4.99

Filesize: 39M

OS: 5.0

Updated: 28-02-2020


The story of Human Fall Flat is quite impressive. Players are in a weird dream and would be in control of a flexible dummy figure. In the dream, you would be required to solve different puzzles that obstruct your path so you can advance. This game challenges you to harness the power of your creativity to think of smart ways to escape and free yourself from each challenge. You will take your character through various mind-boggling levels each harder than the last as you find a way out. This game is quite mentally challenging, although it is fun at the same time.

Gameplay Human Fall Flat

Players of Human Fall Flat are in a highly interactive environment. They will have the opportunity to explore and engage with almost every part of the game. Each new arc will give you access to new maps, objects, and elements that will challenge you in different interesting ways. Surrounding objects can be used to come up with witty solutions and escape traps. The game is very interactive; therefore, players are required to think outside the box and use the environment to their advantage. In some instances, players can pile mats to create leverage and boost their jump higher. There are so many environmental interactions that will give varying exciting results.

The controls in the game are challenging but also very fun to play and engage with. The funny and ragdoll movements of the character make for ridiculous controls and actions. These attributes make Human Fall Flat more engaging than regular puzzle games. The game controls have added a bit of dynamism to the possibilities in the game. Prepare yourself for some not so regular bodily movements from the playable characters. Run, swing, lift, and drop various objects as you solve puzzles and advance in the game. The game controls are not hard to use as beginners can quickly get the hang of it.

Game visuals

This game is more mechanical than visual in the presentation. Most of the game is optimized for the mechanics of the game; therefore, they have the appearance of squiggles or inexperienced designs. Although this is the style of the game, it comes together beautifully to become an enjoyable experience for players. The game does not contain any complex visual representations, thereby bringing a new meaning to be simple is best. The game has simple puzzle-solving mechanics that suck you into the world. You may end up spending hours playing once you start as it is that good, and it works as a good boredom killer.

Gaming Sound on Human Fall Flat

The in-game sound isn't based on anything real. The game stays true to the surreality of a dream. It does well to ensure that players realize they are in a dream world, which is why the sounds portray that fact. The sound effects are accurate and spot on and help give context to the game.


Human Fall Flat is a refreshing and handy game. It is a game you can easily pick up and play because it is simple to learn and very engaging. Although you may be shocked by its initial appearance, do not judge a book by its cover. Keep yourself engaged today, download this game on your mobile phone and begin solving those puzzles.


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