Download Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK and start playing the role of the most hilarious shark that you’d ever see in your life.

Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution

Author: Ubisoft Entertainment

Category: Arcade

Source: Google Play

Verions: 7.6.0

Price: 0

Filesize: Varies with device

OS: 4.1

Updated: 29-05-2020

A Crunchy Analysis of Hungry Shark Evolution

Do you love sharking around? Are you enthusiastic about becoming the apex predator under the deep waters? If yes, then Hungry Shark Evolution is a perfect match for you.

The game is dedicated to play the role of a shark and start hunting in the ocean. Don’t expect this game to be serious. Your shark can do so many crazy stunts, that you won't even dream of.

All the graphics are designed in classic 3D format, which is very appealing in nature. There is no way you’re going to dislike it in any manner.

You can run it on any medium configuration mobile device. But for the best user experience, a high-end phone is highly recommended.

Sharking is beyond bullying!

So basically, you’ll be playing the role of a badass shark, who bullies around (sharks around) in the deep waters.

Hunt for your dinner, and discover the secrets of the ocean. Let all the living organisms freak out when you roam around.

You’ll definitely enjoy the crazy and random actions that your character can do. Make sure you don’t spare anyone that comes in your way. Because your hunger is never going to get satisfied.

More details to spice up

In addition to the main gameplay, here is a list of what you can do:

  • Unlock dozens of sharks and play as any of them.
  • Ocean exploration at its best.
  • Recruit baby sharks down there and give a boost to your predator powers.
  • Go futuristic as your shark is capable of attaching a jetpack, laser, and top hats.
  • A lot of hidden collectibles.
  • Regular game events for you to participate in.
  • Offline gameplay. You won't require an active internet connection.
  • Sky is the limit. Your shark can hunt even in the air like a dolphin. Thanks to that jetpack.
  • There is so much crazy stuff that your shark can do. Download and find out yourself.

Beautiful 3D graphics

The graphics here are rather normal, yet very beautiful. It best matches the overall hilarious theme of this game.

There are no high detailing on any stuff. Everything is just regular. When it comes to the color tone, its fair, smooth, damp, soft, and relaxing to your eyes. That’s good news!

Even the animations are fairly awesome and do not cause any issues in the gameplay. Overall, everything is simply fantastic!

MOD APK Features

Here are hacked version features.

  • Not loving the latest version? Enjoy the older version in Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK old version.
  • Looking for unlimited money? Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK unlimited money and gems download can help.
  • Available for free.
  • Everything unlocked and can be played right from the beginning.


If you love to hunt like a shark, and do stuff beyond reality, then you must give Hungry Shark Evolution a shot. Download now!

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