Download Idle Life Sim MOD APK to start digitally living your life. This game will give you a special and unique way of living a lifestyle that you always wanted.

Idle Life Sim

Idle Life Sim

Author: Codigames

Category: Simulation

Source: Google Play

Verions: 1.1.1

Price: 0

Filesize: 55M

OS: 5.0

Updated: 20-04-2020

A Crisp Analysis of Idle Life Sim

Do you want to change your lifestyle but unable to do so? Do you want to break the barriers in your life and live your life your way? Well, then get ready to play a wonderful game, which gives you a great opportunity to do so.

Idle Life Sim offers simulation gameplay, through which players can get engaged into converting their life into digital format.

You’ll be amazed to see beautiful 3D graphics. Everything throughout the gameplay will just lure you into playing it for a very long time.

All those who have a low-end phone can run this game on it. Due to its low system-requirements, no hardware barrier can stop you from running it.

Life Simulation Gameplay

Wondering what’s life simulation gameplay? In Idle Life Sim, players get started by creating an avatar for themselves. Become a funky guy or a hot teenage girl, it's all up to you.

Simulate your life by building your dream home, choosing the job as per your preference, etc. Decorate your room just like you always wanted to in real life. Live a perfect life that you always dreamed of.

Watch your character go through a daily life cycle and manipulate his/her actions. Take decisions for them to decide what they do next. Isn’t it fun already?

Since its idle game, you can always shut it down and expect it to keep running in real-time. You DO NOT have to be active all the time to let your player progress in the game.

Attractive 3D Graphics and adorable Visuals

Gamers are always worried about being stuck with poor or ugly graphics. But guess what, in this case, you’re going to enjoy the playtime as you’ll get beautiful 3D graphics, which are very attractive.

The entire visual is just amazing. Funny cartoonish style 3D graphics format makes the game must-play.

When it comes to the animations, you’ll notice above-average object movements. Additionally, the color tone is a mix of relaxed, cool and bright.

You do not have to worry about your eyes too much because of poor graphics. However, just take a few breaks after around 30-40 minutes of playtime.

MOD APK Features

Idle Life Sim MOD APK latest version houses more extended features that might interest you:

  • Available for free
  • Contains advertisements
  • Offers in-game purchases
  • Rated for ages 3+


All those users who are looking for a real-life simulation game here is your chance. Idle Life Simulation MOD APK free download is a perfect choice. One of the best time killer applications, this game has the potential of becoming your favorite in no time. So get started with such a wonderful game. Give it a try and proceed to download Idle Life Sim for Android now!

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