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Magic Rampage

Magic Rampage

Author: Asantee

Category: Roleplaying

Source: Google Play

Verions: 5.0.5

Price: 0

Filesize: 95M

OS: 4.1

Updated: 05-04-2020

A Perfect Analysis of Magic Rampage

Magic Rampage is loaded with general and common gameplay, but it's no less than any other RPG game.

With tons of secret content playable in it, anyone can quickly get engaged for long periods of time without regret.

Suitable for medium to high configuration mobile device, make sure to avoid playing it for more than 30 minutes or else your device might end up with overheating issues.

Not only it features some awesome high-quality graphics, but you will also be mesmerized with the soundtracks and audio clips.

Simple and General Gameplay

Those users who have played vintage games such as Super Mario, Contra, or any other platform-based games, will have no difficulty in adjusting and learning this game.

Here, you play the character of a hero warrior, who goes through a number of dungeons, where one dungeon is situated on one level.

Your aim is to clear all levels by fighting and killing the enemies and hurdling the obstacles that come in the way of your success.

Choose from a variety of available weapons and conquer your enemies and overcome your fears in this exciting game.

Remember not to proceed too fast. There are countless secret doors and passages that will take you to bonus levels just like in Super Mario.

Since they are optional, it's up to you whether you want to enjoy this game to the fullest or simply complete the gameplay.

Overall, there is nothing special about this game. Simple and straightforward gameplay is its identity. Hence, best for time pass and enjoyment.

Stunning High-Resolution Graphics

If the gameplay has failed to impress you, the graphics will not let you down. Magic Rampage brings some of the stunning visuals in high resolution.

However, the graphics are in 2D, still best for RPG games. It best matches the theme of this game.

Be ready to be amazed to see the simple and sweet animations of every object and character. It will give you a refreshing feeling.

Even the color tone is best suitable for your eyes, so there is nothing to worry much about them. Still, precaution is a must and make sure to take a break if you come across any issues with your eyes.

There are high chances that some players will find little and cute characters adorable.

MOD APK Features

For all those who are still not impressed with this game, there is much more. Magic Rampage MOD APK latest version houses even more feature, which includes:

  • Available for free
  • Offers in-app purchases
  • Contains advertisements


Although Magic Rampage MOD APK free download is loaded with common gameplay but is no less fun. If you are a fan of classic platform games, this is a perfect fit for you. Those who want to get out of boredom or pass thier free time, then they must download Magic Rampage for android and find out why it is rated Editor’s Choice on Google Play Store.

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