Download Mobile Bus Simulator MOD APK and start your own bus driving business. This game will give you a very classy bus simulation experience.

Mobile Bus Simulator

Mobile Bus Simulator

Author: LOCOS

Category: Simulation

Source: Google Play

Verions: 1.0.2

Price: 0

Filesize: 64M

OS: 4.1

Updated: 23-05-2020

A Spicy Analysis of Mobile Bus Simulator

If you love simulation and driving games, then you must download Mobile Bus Simulator for Android.

This game is designed to offer a travels agency business simulation, where you will earn money by driving a passenger bus.

All the graphics are beautiful, which will easily lure you into playing the game even more. You would never want to quit gaming again.

It can easily run on almost all devices including some low-end phones. But you will need to check for its compatibility before proceeding.

Bus Driving Simulation Gameplay

So basically, this game is about bus driving simulation. Here you will play the character of a bus driver, who runs its bus business.

Transport your passengers to different places, and in return you earn money. That’s the one and only objective in this game.

In order to make it more interesting, the developers have tried to make this game realistic. Just like in the real world, you will get to witness original side scenes, roads, highways, maps, and other stuff.

More stuff to heat up

Other than the main gameplay, you can do many other things to keep your interest fresh.

Customize your bus to a whole new level, so that it best matches your creativity.

High level of detailing in buses such as super high decker, double-decker, and many more.

Do all the tasks that a real bus driver would do. This includes horns, steering controls, door open/close system, etc.

Realistic weather conditions to make the game challenging.

And the list still goes on!

Entry-level 3D graphics

Everything you will see is designed in entry-level 3D graphics. This means that you may or may not like the overall visuals.

The color tone is pretty bright and prickly to the eyes. You will not be able to notice very high detailing.

But when it comes to the animations, it is fun to watch people doing random and crazy stuff. Clearly, every object lacks anti-aliasing feature, which results in rough edges and ugly appearance.

Bus controlling might prove to be challenging because the controls are just average and not at all smooth.

MOD APK Features

Now it’s time for some important features of Mobile Bus Simulator MOD APK free download, which you must know.

  • Available for free to download and play
  • Contains a lot of annoying advertisements
  • Encourages users to opt for in-game purchases
  • Rated for ages 3+ on Google Play Store
  • Low download size (under 100MB)


All those players who are into the simulation, bus driving, and money earning games, try out Mobile Bus Simulator MOD APK latest version. Due to a number of realistic features implemented in the game, you will love making your in-game career in bus driving. One of the must-try games under the simulation gaming category. Download now!

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