Download the Project QT Mod Apk 6.0 (Unlock, one hit, Infinite HP), the exclusive free game to prove your skills. It is a puzzle game mechanics with exciting RPG combat, and upgradable heroes and much more to try.

Project QT

Project QT

Author: xDNA

Category: Roleplaying

Source: Google Play

Verions: 6.0

Price: Free

Filesize: 49.8MB

OS: 5.0

Updated: 06-03-2020


Look Over Project QT

Games are a fantastic source to get entertained. Project QT is one such amazing free android gameplay for you to enjoy.

With the latest puzzle game mechanics, RPG combat, distinct lack of clothing, and upgradable heroes, you can try many jaw-dropping features.

You can show your smartness by playing the game wisely. You will have to tackle the game carefully as there is a black hole in the Arctic that has released numbers of sexy monster girls on the planet.

The player has to recruit an army of females who will battle from your side. It works on a varied mechanic, which includes the old-school turn-based RPG combat and puzzle stages.

The player has to start from ranking one and can reach up-to ranking five. As the player climbs up one stage, their power increases, and then they can unlock some spicy adult scenes to enhance the fun of playing.

Things to Consider Before Starting

If you are new to Project QT, to give a head start to follow these secrets. Keep in mind to make a way through the primary stages, and try to finish each stage having three starts. Yes, there are three

missions in each stage, which you will have to acquire. It allows you to repay the purpose of sweep tickets quickly.

Obtaining stars are helpful for you to save time and to win some stupendous rewards for you, such as seduction items, gem rewards, and character pieces. Completing the initial stages boasts a large health pool.

Further, if you want to progress even faster in Project QT, you can finish the daily quests. Never forget to check every day in-game rewards. You can collect gems, coins, and energies.

Moreover, to play the game conveniently, it is vital to enhance the loyalty of monster girls. You can obtain this by exploration feature; it offers a range of rewards such as seduction items and much more.

Project QT Mod Apk 6.0 (Unlock, one hit, Infinite HP)

Enjoy all the perks of Project QT with this modified version. You get access to a 1-5 stars character image, which enables you to play even more efficiently.

Knockdown your enemy with the one-hit kill advantage and reach the higher levels rapidly.

Mod APK Features

  •  Unbolt all 1-5 stars character image (along with unsummoned one)
  • One hit tool access
  • Get continual combo
  • Unlimited HP


Now get started with this latest fun Project QT Mod Apk 6.0 (Unlock, one hit, Infinite HP) and test your smartness. Try to fetch rewards and gain the trust of monster girls to make you a champion.


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