Download Slap King MOD APK and start slapping your opponents to become the number one slapper in the world. This game is sure to make you laugh hard so that you keep rolling on the floor laughing.

Slap Kings

Slap Kings

Author: Gameguru

Category: Fun

Source: Google Play

Verions: 1.2.3


Filesize: 65M


Updated: 29-02-2020

Pinpoint Analysis of Slap Kings

Slap Kings MOD APK uses high definition 3D graphics, which makes the game very appealing.

It uses high definition music + audio that adds to the glory of the game in a positive manner.

Slap Kings is designed by using the latest software, which can deliver excellent graphics, hence making it run slow on low hardware mobile devices.

The game is suitable for medium to high-end hardware mobile devices due to its high graphics device requirements.

The story of the game is very interesting and funny, making overall gaming experience very relaxing and entertaining.

Funny and entertaining Gameplay

The game is set to let the player play slap fights against various opponents. The game also features various venues where the slap fights are held.

The objective of the game is to slap your opponent as many times as possible in order to win a fight. Keep winning fights to earn points and other exciting rewards.

The goal of this game is to become the best slapper, ultimately declaring the player as a slap king, hence the name of the game.

Slapping your opponent in order to win the match it funny itself, and it gets funnier when the game is actually played.

3D graphics with funny music

The game features heavy implementation of 3D graphics, making it suitable to play for a long time.

The 3D graphics keep the players interested because the beautiful 3D graphics are sure to keep the players intact for a long time.

The music and audio used in the game are very funny and entertaining. The sounds of slapping your opponents will make you roll on the floor laughing hard.

The graphics used to show beaten opponents and the funny faces used in the entire game at almost every point makes it very funny.

MOD APK Features

  •  Menu Mod
  •  Damage Multiple
  •  Relaxing touch and feel
  •  Funny and entertaining
  •  Action and stealth game


Slap Kings MOD APK is a very funny and entertaining game, which will make you relaxed when played for a particular time. The amazing 3D graphics and color tone used in the game do not hurt your eyes, hence making it eye-friendly. The objective and goal of the game makes it very entertaining and will definitely leave you laugh so hard that you will end up rolling on the floor with great burst of laughter.

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