Download Snake Rivals MOD APK 0.15.5 and enjoy the world of 3D gaming. You’ll have complete control of the snake as it slithers on your screen—growing bigger and bigger with every move.

Snake Rivals

Snake Rivals

Author: Supersolid

Category: Fun

Source: Google Play

Verions: 0.15.5

Price: 0

Filesize: 118.94 MB

OS: 4.1

Updated: 24-02-2020


Snake Rivals was created by Supersolid, a leading mobile games developers in the UK. It started with the PC version in the early 2000s before they released an Android version. The APK was quickly accepted in the gaming industry with multiple downloads. The success is attributed to the versatility of the game thus making it ideal for people of different ages.

The game features a snake and various provisions that the snake will eat to become longer and healthier. The player is expected to guide the snakes towards these provisions and eat as much as possible to keep growing. Additionally, the player must keep the snake away from harmful obstacles and opponents that may kill it! You have to be keen to also avoid collision with other snakes since that will cause death too. However, frontal collisions only cause the death of the larger snake while the smaller one wins.

Unlike in the previous editions, the current edition is more flexible since your snake will not crash when it touches itself at any point. This increases the ease of control and makes more sense for many players. It’s now easier to conquer more enemies and collect more treasures without having to battle with the hassle associated with the snake’s length.

Finally, the Snake Rival 0.15.5 has introduced a multiplayer function and the battle of Royale which sets it apart from the previous editions. This creates a highly competitive environment which makes the game highly engaging and entertaining. Other features of this extraordinary Multiplayer function include:

  • Classic Mode that allows competitors to collect as much food as possible. Towards the end, the longest snake will be crowned the winner
  • Gold Rush that applies the concept of time limits. For example, competitors can be given 3 minutes to kill the most opponents. The snake with the most kills is declared the winner

To kill as many opponents as possible, players have the option to use magnetic blasts, ghosts, and fireballs. However, they must play for at least 30 minutes to unlock the Multiplayer feature.

The game has 3D graphics that make the background environment quite appealing for the player. The sound effects are superb and act as a motivation for the player to conquer the opponents.

Even better, you can download the Snake Rivals MOD APK 0.15.5 that has more friendly features. The version has unlimited money to buy as many explosives, food treasures, and other items to help in defeating the opponent.

Additionally, the MOD APK 0.15.5 version allows the player to customize their character. They can creatively choose their snakes from the list provided including a panda, unicorn, and cute snake. This creates a personal effect that helps the player enjoy the game even more!


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