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Sniper 3D

Sniper 3D

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Category: Action

Source: Google Play

Verions: 3.8.4

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Updated: 15-04-2020

Brief Description of Sniper 3D

Sniper 3D is your ideal game if you love aiming and shooting. It allows you to use super powerful guns to achieve your target easily.

The game is set in a city with pedestrians and motorists. As such, you must be careful to ensure that you only shoot your target!

It has high-quality 3D graphics with clear images, which gives you an easy time identifying and aiming at your adversary.

The game has approximately 30 sessions where you’ll be required to shot different kinds of people, including drug dealers, assassinators, or suicide bombers.

Every time you take on a challenge, you should always ensure that you accomplish it fast to earn crucial points and become a gaming champion.

A thrilling Gameplay

This game has an interesting gameplay that’ll undoubtedly hook all shooting enthusiasts. You’ll have the power to counter various criminals and eliminate them before they wreak havoc in your city.

Some of the common missions include:

  • Shooting a Taxi Driver.This is one of the most challenging missions! You’ll be required to shoot a taxi driver as he drives along a city street. While this may appear simple, it’s complicated by the fact that there will be more drivers in the street. Additionally, the taxi will be far, and you must not miss the target!
  • Endangered Species. You’ll be required to eliminate animal traffickers meeting in a dark tunnel to decide where to sell the body parts of endangered species. Eliminate them before they succeed in their mission
  • Behind Enemy Lines.Clear away for a traffic officer trapped on the rooftop with criminals
  • Fear of the Dark.You’ll be required to use dark cover to eliminate four highly trained mercenaries out to eliminate everyone in your city’s residential estate
  • Bloody City Tour.After they’ve consistently being killed, criminals have ganged up in the city to protect themselves. They have placed five highly-trained snipers around the city. Your duty will be to eliminate them before they cause harm

To help you achieve this, you’ll have a simple gun. However, the gameplay becomes more complex as your rise through the levels.

As such, you should ensure that you use your coins to unlock more sophisticated guns and complete more challenging missions.

Realistic 3-D graphics

The game utilizes ultra-clear images to increase your shooting efficiency. Also, the sound effects are superb, which gives you an insatiable urge to continue with the missions!

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Sniper 3D MOD APK download 2018 is certainly a game worth playing! It has unique challenges with blood-curdling scenes.

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