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Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley

Author: Chucklefish Limited

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Price: 7.99

Filesize: 128M

OS: 4.4

Updated: 02-03-2020

Do you love Minecraft and Pokémon? What if I say that there’s a game that combines these games that you love to form a brand-new game? Yes, this new game is called Stardew Valley

In its simplest terms, this is an RPG game created by Chucklefish. If you’ve always wanted to know what it’s like living as a farmer, this game will show you that and more! Excited to explore this vast new world of gaming experience? What are you waiting for, read on!


A Simple Life

Once in a while we get so burned out by the metropolis life that we crave something peaceful. We wonder what it’s like to live in a farm full of animals and surrounded by plants. Well, wonder no more because that’s exactly the premise of Stardew Valley!


In this game your task is to plant trees, harvest crops and sell them. You also need to buy materials for your farm. With 2D pixel graphics that you’ve come to know and love with the Pokémon games, this game brings a lot of elements from other games into one cohesive experience. There’s no battle, only a peaceful life and a wonderful story to uncover.


You are the one who creates your destiny in Stardew Valley. If you want to create the ultimate farm and earn money, then so be it. But if you want to meet new people, explore other places, and find partners, you can so as well. The choice is truly yours in this game!


If you love the Harvest Moon series, then you’ll absolutely love this game even more! This game borrows a lot of the same elements from the classic series but incorporates new content and modern gameplay into it. It’s such a feast for fans of the series as well as first-time players.


In this game, the developer Eric Barone hid many Easter eggs in the game for the players to find. You can play the game however you want in this game of fantasy that you’ll wish to be real.

Stardew Valley Features


The game has won many awards for its incredible gameplay and story. Everything is built and designed with gamers in mind. There isn’t a single element out of place. Every hour you spend playing this game will become a beautiful memory. With that said, here are the features of Stardew Valley:


Endless Customization – In this game, you can customize your farmer, your home as well as your farm to your preference. With over hundreds of options to choose from, you’ll never be bored!


Start a family – This isn’t just a normal farming RPG; this game allows you to settle down and start a family. You get to choose your potential partner from 12 candidates. Who are you going to choose?


Build your dream farm – Have you always wanted to build your own farm without any restrictions. Raise and breed happy animals and grow your own crops the way you want them too! There’s no other authority but you.


Explore vast areas – If you get bored in your house and farm, you can explore other areas such as mysterious caves. You’ll encounter different types of monsters and precious treasures in some of them. Are you brave enough?


Go fishing – You can also take a break from farming and go into the local fishing spots or go crabbing by the seaside. It all depends on your mood. Are you bored out of your mind?


Community – In Stardew Valley, you have a chance to talk to the local neighbors and engage with them to create meaningful relationships. Be a part also of the seasonal festivals and villager quests to become part of the community.


Easy controls – The controls in this game was rebuilt specifically for mobile gaming in mind. They included an auto-select button to toggle quickly between your farming tools. You can also knock down monsters instantly using the auto-attack button.


Stunning 2D Graphics – Although the graphics are pixelated to pay homage to the classic game series, it’s still has elements of modern gameplay. The combination of the old and new make for some very seamless mobile gaming experience.

Tips for Playing Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley encourages players to play the game as they wish. However, the game may be too much for first time players. That’s why in this article, we’ll give you some tips to make it through the game successfully!


Select the best crops – There are plenty of ways to make money in this game but your primary source of income will be your farm. Learning how to plant and knowing which seeds to plant to get the most return is essential to your success. To understand this better, there are certain crops that are best in a certain season while not so much in others. It’s a matter of knowing which ones are in the season and which ones to avoid just like in real life.


Plan ahead – In this game, planning is essential in order to become the best farmer out there. Each season in here lasts 28 days. You can’t just plant a seed that takes weeks to bear fruit if there’s only a few days left in the season. You’ll just waste your time and money by doing that. Instead, know the specific time each seed needs to grow and bear fruits and time that accordingly to the season.


Engage with the community – In this game, you’re encourage to talk to the people around you and make connections. There are tons of people out there you can be friends with and you can even start a family too! Reach higher friendship rewards when your relationship with your friends deepens. To do this, talk to them regularly and give them gifts. Just be sure that you give them gifts that they actually like.

Final Words

Stardew Valley isn’t your ordinary farming RPG game. It has a lot to offer with deep content and meaningful gameplay. If you’re looking for an enjoyable and meaningful gaming experience, this one’s for you! st

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