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Talking Tom Gold Run

Talking Tom Gold Run

Author: Outfit7 Limited

Category: Fun

Source: Google Play


Price: 0

Filesize: 86M

OS: 4.4

Updated: 24-02-2020

Talking Tom Gold Run features a three-dimensional runner named Tom. The player takes the role of talking Tom and they’ll be required to run as far as possible while collecting gold. However, the run will be characterized by huge obstacles such as concrete walls, trucks, fences, and cars. The player must keenly swerve and jump to avoid collisions.

The gold earned is used to purchase décor items for the protagonist’s house. The more you decorate the house, the more you earn points and the more you’re open to collaborations with friends and other heroes. The first character to unlock is almost always Angela who brings in the wits to collect even more treasures.

The gameplay starts with a robbery where Tom’s gold is stolen by an anonymous thief. As Tom is playing along the road, a car drives by and hit a lamppost giving the thief a chance to steal the gold. The occurrence is immediately followed by sirens.

However, Tom decides to chase the thief himself and recover the stolen treasure. Due to the high speed involved, the thief is dropping gold bars along the way. Tom has to collect all the dropped gold while maintaining the tempo to run and recover the remaining gold.

The game’s graphics are exceptional the game has HD graphics, high-quality sound, and incredible animations. This gives the player the real impression of the game and, for a moment, they may be so immersed in the game to forget their problems and have fun!

Additionally, the background environment is astounding with unique environments characterized by well-manicured lawns, roads, hills, rivers, plantations, and state-of-the-art houses. What makes it even more thrilling is the ability to use the rewards obtained to build yourself a home! This feature motivates the player to keep running and collecting the treasures thus achieving their dream home.

For more excitement, you can download the modified version Talking Tom Gold Run MOD This version has unlimited coins and candles, endless runs, and unique characters to help the player perform outstanding tricks to maneuver through the obstacles. Other unique features associated with this version include:

  • Chance to play with your favorite characters. You can team up with a friend to experience endless fun. Some of the teammates to choose from include Angela, Hank, Ben, and Ginger. You must choose a partner with unique abilities to help you overcome the obstacles
  • Amazing rewards. Keep running through the magnificent terrains to achieve better awards
  • Divided into different missions. In your effort to hunt the thief, you can complete different missions to help you unlock special abilities that will increase your chance of recovering your stolen gold
  • Different boosters/buffs are available to make the race less challenging. For example, glider to fly past barriers and magnet to collect gold coins
  • Unlocked gameplay. Play for as long as you wish
  • Free to customize players. You’re at liberty to customize the players to suit your needs!

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