Team Fight Tactics

Team Fight Tactics

Author: Riot Games, Inc

Category: Action

Source: Google Play


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Updated: 29-02-2020


Team Fight Tactics for Android is a strategy and tactic game for players who like to have fun. Download this game now, and never be bored again.


The mobile version of the game strongly resembles the PC version. Players will need to purchase new champions at the start of the game with the in-game coins they will be given when they start. You would also need to upgrade your team, unlock points, use cards to improve champions, and a whole lot more. The game requires a lot of strategic thinking while playing as you would need to upgrade your cards as often as you can to match your opponents. For example, 3 champions can be paired to form a super champion (a champion upgrade) while 3 super champions can be paired to create an Ultimate champion. Make sure you match your teams correctly by picking champions whose powers complement each other for more powerful attacks.

The game map is easy to read, and all players use the same map. Players are expected to guide their champions through the arena using the map as a guide and fight their way to faction victory. Utilize your champion's strengths and skills by placing them in situations that are of advantage to them. Playing with this strategy will ensure you outsmart your opponents most of the time. After each round, players receive gold based on their performances, and sometimes special events may appear after the matches end. In these special events, players are randomly assigned champions, and the last champion standing is declared the winner.

Fight Classes

The game divides each playable character into different fighter categories for easy identification. The two fighter categories are Class and Origin, with each having a different set of characters underneath.

Origin is divided into:

  • Demon
  • Glacial
  • Ninja
  • Pirate
  • Noble
  • Imperial
  • Dragon
  • Exile
  • Robot
  • Void

While Class is shared into:

  • Brawler
  • Guardian
  • Blade master
  • Gunslinger
  • Elementalist
  • Guardian
  • Knight
  • Ranger
  • Shapeshifter

Understanding these classes is crucial to winning any matches in this game. Each of the attributes these classifications have skills and attributes awarded to champions(characters) under them. These vary, and knowing how to combine champions properly will put you steps ahead of your opponents. Ensure you play enough in the training mode to gain enough knowledge and conquer your opponents.

Visuals and sound

Team Fight Tactics has stunning visual graphics as expected from world-class developers like Riot games. The crisp, clear graphics ties together the narrative and gameplay while the sound makes the game as real as possible. For a strategy game, Team Fight Tactics emphasizes creating an excellent visual experience for players to enjoy. The game designers have paid attention to details and crafted a one of a kind experience for fans of the game. If you do not feel comfortable playing in the default graphical settings, you can make adjustments to suit your taste. You can also adjust the sound settings as you see fit and create a more personal experience for yourself.


Team Fight Tactics is a strategy game that you can enjoy any day and anywhere. If you like games which challenge you mentally and make you want to push yourself to your mental limits, you will love Team Fight Tactics. Download this game today, buy your champions and lead your team to victory.


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