Download Torque Burnout MOD APK now and enter the world of car racing with some badass flavor. This game will surely glorify your car racing collection.

Torque Burnout

Torque Burnout

Author: Grease Monkey Games

Category: Racing

Source: Google Play

Verions: 3.0.6

Price: 0

Filesize: 65M

OS: 4.1

Updated: 05-04-2020

A Perfect Analysis of Torque Burnout

Torque Burnout gives you a perfect opportunity to polish your car racing skills and take on car racing challenges that you could not do in real life.

Loaded with tons of playable content, you are not going to uninstall this game anytime soon and keep engaged for a very long time for sure.

With such an awesome implementation of graphics in high-quality, you will enjoy your playtime at the fullest. Make sure to keep your eyes healthy by taking short breaks in between.

If you have medium configuration hardware, you are good to go. Do not attempt to run this game on a low configuration mobile device. Also, if you encounter any overheating issues, avoid playing continuously for a long time.

Thrilling Gameplay

Apart from a car racing simulation, there are some notable features that make this game epic. Some of these include:

  • Realistic physics in the game ensures that you do not face much difficulty in adjusting the game physics.
  • Online tournaments extend the playable content. Now take on the players around the world and show who the real boss is. This lets you race against some of the toughest racers from around the world.
  • It features a career mode. Start earning money by racing. With the money earned, you can do all that you can in real life.
  • Upgrade/modify your car
  • Buy new ones and sell your old stock
  • Spend on car visual customization such as paint, vinyl, etc

You can always create your awesome car collection. Car damage makes the game even more challenging so totaling your car is not a good idea.

Outstanding 3D Graphics

High detailing on every object ensures that you get to customize your car till the last bolt. You can see even minor features not only in cars but on almost every object.

3D graphics will make your playtime even more fun and interesting. You can always adjust the graphics quality. You will get to see amazing smoke not only from exhaust pipes but also from tyres

Such awesome animations and car controls will make you go crazy. The car movement is pretty realistic, so you will get a real car racing feeling.

The color tone will not hurt your eyes anytime soon because they are friendly to your eyes. However, if you still encounter any issues, please take breaks for some time.

MOD APK Features

Torque Burnout MOD APK latest version ensures that you do not enjoy limited features. Here is an extension to them:

  • Available for free
  • Contains advertisements
  • In-game purchases available


With Torque Burnout MOD APK free download, no matter if you do a 360 or a donut, make sure it is stylish. Best suitable for ultimate burnout car racing, you will never get fed up of this amazing car racing game. Download Torque Burnout for android now!

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