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Author: Playrix

Category: Casual

Source: Google Play

Verions: 7.5.0

Price: 0

Filesize: 143M

OS: 4.2

Updated: 18-05-2020

A Crisp Analysis of Township

If you are into city-building games and love to build towns on your terms, then you must give Township a shot.

The gameplay is completely addicting and engaging, where you will do all those activities that are essential for the development of your city.

3D graphics are always appealing. In this game’s case, all the graphics are so beautifully designed that they give a very adorable and cute touch and feel to the visuals.

You might not be able to properly run this game on slow devices. Try running on at least medium configuration. Also, this game will cause overheating issues if played continuously for hours.

Gameplay featuring unleashed awesomeness

The game is set in third person point of view. Your task will be to help your little human character to do tasks that a normal guy would do in his real life.

Manage the farm and the barnyard, grow crops, feed animals, sell crops, and other products to selling facilities to earn money.

Eventually, you will need to spend this money to build your own city as per your plans. That’s it.

Although the storyline might sound short and sweet, but it takes only a tough dude to handle such pressure and rise from zero to become a hero.

More stuff to spice up

Apart from the main gameplay, here is a list of what you will be doing in this wonderful game.

  • Several buildings awaiting you to get built.
  • A large variety of crops awaiting for you to grow and sell.
  • Lot of lovely and adorable animals for you to take care of.
  • Highly exciting product selling system designed in the game to satisfy your money-earning mindset.
  • You can build a zoo to breed animals.
  • Lots of stuff you can use to decorate your city.
  • Exotic products that you can purchase from exotic islands.

And the list goes on!

If you are still not impressed with the game, you are not a real gamer.

Cute and beautiful 3D graphics

Right from the beginning, you will fall in love with the 3D graphics, which will lure you into playing the game even more.

All the visuals are in really high-quality, so you don’t have to worry about blurry screens and graphics.

The color tone is pretty fair and soft. Many parts of the game do feature some bright and sharp color tone though.

MOD APK Features

Get ready to take a look at some special features when it comes to Township MOD APK for Android.

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  • If you want to max out all the levels, these versions can help you:
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Build your city on your terms in Township. Download now!

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