Download MOD APK latest version and put your trivia knowledge to test. Ask yourself, how well do you know popular cultures, music, TV shows, etc.? Well, let’s find out!

Author: 8SEC Games

Category: Trivia

Source: Google Play

Verions: 14.0

Price: 0

Filesize: 134M

OS: 4.4W

Updated: 04-03-2020

A Precise Analysis of is a simple yet challenging arcade game that will test your knowledge in a series of questions ranging from culture, music, food, and more.

If you're looking for that precise game, you can play with friends and family, then is a perfect starting point.

There are hundreds of questions to answer, and as you go through the levels, as you'd also notice the questions getting tougher.

Graphics and Sound Quality

The graphics quality of isn't the best 3D graphics you can get out there, but it's still awesome.

The graphic is fair and still gives you that realistic feeling.

The sound quality, it's also fair. Or at least you wouldn't hear a gibberish sound that makes you want to turn it down.

The sound also helps contribute to the tension when playing, which makes it even more fun.

Outstanding Gameplay

The gameplay of is quite straightforward.

  • Move the minions. While playing the game, to select the option(s), you'd have to move the little minions to the correct answer. The graphic is quite cool as you'd see the minions run to the option(s) you choose one after the other.
  • Don't fall into the water. If you get the answer wrong, the minions you place on that option(s) will fall into the water. It is only the right answer platform that wouldn't split open.
  • Place a bet. To click on an answer, you need to use the minions to place a bet. You can place multiple bets. Note that a minion is equivalent to $1.
  • Reward. You'd have to complete a series of five consecutive questions to unlock the reward chest.
  • Upgrade. The chest rewards you with points you can use for upgrade. You can either upgrade your character value, character count, or idle rewards.

Tips for winning

Winning at might seem a bit tricky, but there's always a back door to virtually everything games.

When you're playing, you will notice it doesn't have a timer, which gives you the flexibility to think deeply about the answer, or you could Google search it.

However, if you feel Google searching might spoil the fun, you can go for multiple betting.

Let's say you have $5 and two options in-game. You can decide to place $3 on the first and $2 on the second if you ever get confused about the right answer, however, you'd lose the money you place on the wrong answer.

Download MOD APK

If you want an even better gaming experience, you should try downloading the MOD APK version.

MOD APK features

  • Unlimited gold
  • Unlimited gems


Ready to put your skills to test? Download for your Android device now and start testing your knowledge on all things culture, food, music, TV, and so on.

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