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Vixen Wars

Vixen Wars

Author: nutaku

Category: Adventure

Source: Google Play

Verions: 1.19.0

Price: Free

Filesize: 97M

OS: Android 6+

Updated: 19-05-2020

A Smoking Hot Analysis of Vixen Wars

If you’re into adult and anime games, be ready to get indulged in this wonderful game. Download Vixen Wars for Android and you can thank us later for bringing such stunning game into the light.

The entire gameplay is totally dedicated to adult and mature content with a strong storyline and characters to support the game.

All the graphics are designed in high-quality 2D anime graphics, which will again lure you even more into playing the game.

You can easily run it on almost all devices, excluding most of the low-end phones. But be ready for a tough time finding it over the internet.

Addicting gameplay with strong mature content

You play the character of a prince, whose father has been killed, and now the throne must be ascended.

But several obstacles come in between your goal. To remove all those hurdles, your step-sister, who has been kidnapped by the dark magician must be freed.

Join forces with the hottest and tempting heroines to free your sister and reclaim the throne. The main objective of this game is to give you some memorable and unforgettable gameplay moments under the 18+ gaming category.

All the storylines and characters are here just for the support, and your main focus must be on enjoying rather than completing the game. (that’s a tip from a pro).

More about the game to heat up

  • While on your quest, meet new heroines, talk dirty to them to gain money and chests.
  • Unlock hot pictures and save them to your gallery.
  • You get to experience fantasy stories with each and every girl you meet.
  • Complete daily tasks and earn free chests.

And the list goes on!

Note: there is a lot more to do with those girls that you cannot even imagine!

If you’re still not impressed with this game as a man, then there is definitely something wrong with you.

Insanely mind-blowing anime graphics in 2D visuals

The main gameplay is set in a top view quest style graphics, all designed in low-quality 2D format.

If you are concerned about the actual part of the game, then here is a piece of good news for you! All the interesting and important stuff here is in high-quality 2D+3D anime graphics, that will lure you.

Don’t hesitate to lust for those girls as that’s what this game is all about. The color tone is bright, fair, and appealing.

MOD APK Features

Vixen Wars MOD APK free download has some important features, you must know:

  • Not easily available. You will have to struggle a lot. Only lucky ones get to play this. Try VPN to find it directly on Google. You won’t get it on the Play Store.
  • High level of risk, as third party websites tend to steal data from your phone through such kind of games.


Get complete satisfaction in your lonely days and time by playing Vixen Wars MOD APK latest version. Download now!

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