Download War of Rings-Awaken Dragonkin 3.50.2 and enjoy fascinating journeys as you visit different regions to collect special rings.

War of Rings-Awaken Dragonkin

War of Rings-Awaken Dragonkin

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Category: Tactic

Source: Google Play

Verions: 3.50.2


Filesize: 44M


Updated: 25-02-2020

It comes with unlimited money and unrestricted trade to help you get crucial tools for overcoming the journeys’ difficulties

An Elaborate Description of War of Rings-Awaken Dragonkin

This is a game that’s designed for fearless warriors. It’s characterized by numerous monsters with immense potential to destroy you!

Regardless of their strength, the player is required to kill them to obtain more points.

The more monsters you kill, the better it will be for you. You’ll be able to buy sophisticated equipment to kill even more monsters, conquer their lands, and obtain the precious rings.

Enticing Game Play

War of Rings- Awaken Dragonkin is an extraordinarily entertaining game. However, you have to decipher crucial tricks that will make your every move a success.

The goal of the game is to collect a total of 27 precious rings that will help you to establish a new world order.

These rings are located deep into the territories of dwarfs, elves, orcs, and cyclopes. Your assignment will be to visit these areas, identify the location of the rings, and obtain them by whichever means.

What is even more interesting about the game is the fact that it allows you to team up and fight for a common goal. You can seek the help of your friends to conquer these territories with much more ease!

Mesmerizing graphics and Incredible Sound Systems

War of Rings-Awaken Dragonkin has 3D graphics which increases the satisfaction that you gain from the game. Every action has a unique sound effect which makes it easy to monitor progress.

War of Rings-Awaken Dragonkin 3.50.2

Your chances of winning the War of Rings-Awaken Dragonkin will significantly increase if you use the modified version. It has outstanding features such as unlimited money, unrestricted trade, and a better view of the enemy’s land.

Key MOD Features

  •  Auto-Combat Design. This MOD APK has an auto-combat which allows the player to unexpectedly attack the monsters. This can help in killing multiple enemies and consequently winning the battle
  •  Better Customization. You can acquire titles, skills, and modify your character as you wish. This gives it a personal touch
  • Allows Team and Individual PvP. This version allows you to work as a team and attack dangerous monsters
  •  High Drop Rate. This game applies the “survival for the fittest” concept. Only individuals with extraordinary power will remain


If you would like a game that will keep you thrilled all through, then you should consider the War of Rings-Awaken Dragonkin 3.50.2. You will enjoy it without any limitations and with the best equipment at your disposal.

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