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Wrestling Revolution 3D

Wrestling Revolution 3D

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Verions: 1.656

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OS: 4.0

Updated: 20-05-2020

A Crunchy Analysis of Wrestling Revolution 3D

If you are a fan of WWE or professional wrestling, then here is a great game for you to try out. Download Wrestling Revolution 3D and give it a shot.

The entire gameplay is dedicated to and based on famous pro-wrestling sports popularized by WWE. You will get to do all that stuff and actions that you have been watching on TV.

Although, most of the users might not be impressed with the poor and ugly entry-level 3D graphics. Nothing in the game appears in an appealing manner, and might even kill the gaming mood.

You will need at least a medium to high configuration mobile device to run this game smoothly. Additionally, there is a strong requirement for frequent breaks to keep the hardware safe.

Gameplay with Total Nonstop Wrestling Action

You get to execute all those moves and maneuvers that you could not do in real life. Perform a DDT, slam your enemies, or simply show them the taste of an elbow-drop.

Play as any character from the list of several wrestlers and never hesitate to try all of them. Become the heavyweight champion as your favorite wrestler.

If you are not satisfied with the in-ring action, there is also an option to get into backstage brawls just like in WWE.

More stuff to spice up

If a simple wrestling match isn’t your type, you can go hardcore by playing in a steel cage match or bring the toys into action. Perform submission holds to make your opponent tap out, or launch yourself from the top turnbuckle.

Let those fans cheer you as you deliver a stunning finisher on your opponent. Isn't it exciting already? You might want to take a good look at the controls in the settings, as it is the most important part of the game.

Also, be ready to face a number of glitches out of nowhere, as the game is full of bugs, which is normal though.

If there are any performance issues, try changing settings so that the game does not eat up much of your device’s resources.

Extremely ugly graphics and unappealing visuals

All the graphics are designed in an entry-level 3D format. They are really poor and have the potential to ruin your mood.

You might find most of the part blurry and unappealing. The color tone is fair and the animations are pretty rough.

The overall visuals are a total disaster. If you can enjoy this game, consider yourself to be lucky.

MOD APK Features

To enjoy the “Backstage Pass” featured in-game, you can play Wrestling Revolution 3D MOD APK backstage pass.

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Enjoy pro-wrestling on your mobile phone by playing Wrestling Revolution 3D. Download now!

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