Download Zombie Tsunami Mod APK and experience exclusively creative scenes. You’ll enjoy turning pedestrians into zombies and collecting gold coins to unlock more possibilities!

Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami

Author: Mobigame S.A.R.L.

Category: Action

Source: Google Play

Verions: 4.2.1

Price: 0

Filesize: 61.50 MB


Updated: 26-02-2020

Interesting Zombie Tsunami Description

This game is unique—it has acquired more than 200 million players globally. Its popularity is largely attributed to its outstanding gameplay.

It involves a zombie attack in a city. The player will have control of a multitude of zombies that will go into a destructive spree around the city.

Also, these zombies have the unique ability to change pedestrians into fellow zombies. Your role is to ensure that you get a big horde of zombies. The more you convert pedestrians, the stronger your team becomes and the easier it will be to conquer the city.

Wondrous Gameplay

When playing this game, your primary objective will be to infect as many pedestrians as possible and turn them into zombies.

You’ll join the zombies to go around the city destroying everything that you get along the way. During the spree, these zombies will help you in collecting coins and other treasures. The more you collect, the better your score will be!

These coins and the cumulative points are crucial in unlocking other levels of play. Your prowess will open more missions for you.

Unique Graphics

The Zombie Tsunami boasts of 3D graphics and interesting sound effects. Walking along the streets and turning pedestrians into zombies feels so real and you should be strong enough to maneuver.

At times you’ll forget that you’re gaming and feel overwhelmed with emotions. The simulation is well-done!

Tips for Winning the Zombie Tsunami

All you need to win this game is to infect as many pedestrians as possible. Make sure that you get a horde of zombies.

It’s these zombies that will help you to collect gold coins that will be instrumental in determining your success or failure.

Updated Zombie Tsunami MOD APK

If you want to enjoy the game, even more, you should consider using the modified version of the game—Zombie Tsunami MOD APK.

This version has better features that will make playing the game a breeze. It has unlimited gold to help you unlock game levels with much more ease.

MOD Features

  •  Approximately 300 missions to play. This game has more challenges for you. You’ll never lack a fresh challenge when you have the MOD version
  •  Adequate optimization for Android Devices. It does not matter which device you’re using, with MOD version of the Zombie Tsunami, you can play wherever you are and whenever you want
  •  More Upgrades and Ease of Unlocking. This game offers incredible chances to unlock more challenging levels for you
  •  Plenty of Ninjas, Dragons, UFOs, and Bonuses which makes it highly enjoyable to play


Downloading the Zombie Tsunami MOD APK offers extraordinary features that make playing the game highly engrossing. Download it and enjoy the thriller.

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